This project relates to the following ED Priorities:

  • Identifying and scaling up innovative approaches to teaching and learning that significantly improve student outcomes
  • Implementing college- and career-ready standards and aligned, high-quality assessments for all students
  • Building rigorous instructional pathways that support the successful transition of all students from Secondary education to college without the need for remediation, and careers




Advanced Career Initiative

TXCC will partner with Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to support TEA's development and implementation of project-based curricula for a coherent sequence of 4 CTE courses. Anticipated project duration: Spring 2013–Summer 2017.

Previous Work Updates



The Texas Education Agency (TEA) continues to work with the Advanced Career (AC) project in which the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) trains educators to write two Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses on oil and gas. The courses are content correct, as planned, by the project deadline of September 30, 2015. Final editing for format and grammar may occur after the deadline by SREB and the Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC). The distribution and use of the course materials have not yet been determined.