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Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System

A recent report form the Texas Teaching Commission addressing policy gaps within key areas of the teacher pipeline in Texas provided recommendations on how to improve and align program and practices currently in place. One recommendation on the commission was to revise the current (adopted in 1997) standards for teaching practice. Once revised, these standards could support the agency in addressing additional recommendations, including the development of quality standards for teacher preparation programs and redesign of the beginning teacher induction and mentoring system.

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Teacher Evaluation and Support System

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The Texas Education Agency convened two groups of practitioners to provide input on revising commissioner’s rules related to teacher and principal evaluation. Teachers, principals, education service center staff, and LEA staffs made up the committees. Each group provided insights and ideas for how to align the revised rules to the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and the Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS), both of which are being piloted for a second year in 2015-2016.


TEA, Education Service Center, and TXCC staffs met to discuss and develop fall surveys designed to collect information from appraisers and teachers participating in the refinement year on their experience with the teacher evaluation system. The team also discussed the development of a yearlong communication plan for LEAs, which would highlight the key points in time during which LEAs could provide feedback on T-TESS to help the state improve the system before full-scale implementation in 2016-2017.