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What Can a Mathematics Teacher Do for the English Language Learner?

Advanced High

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Typical Characteristics of the Advanced High Language Learner

  • Participates in social and academic conversations with only occasional disruptions or pauses
  • Requires minimal English language assistance
  • Communicates effectively on abstract topics, except when specialized or academically demanding vocabulary is needed
  • Participates in reading and writing activities
  • Experiences some difficulties with abstract, cognitively demanding topics when a high degree of literacy is required
  • Writing is nearly comparable to native English-speaking peers

(Adapted from Jameson, 1998; Texas Education Agency, 2006b.)


Some Suggested Strategies (in addition to those introduced in previous levels)

  • Continue to make lessons comprehensible and interactive.
  • Continue to provide structured response stems to open ended questions.
  • Actively teach thinking and study skills.
  • Promote critical analysis and evaluation of pertinent problems and solutions.
  • Continue to work at increasing academic content language.
  • Model mega-cognitive processes by thinking aloud.
  • Be aware of typical writing errors of students in same language groups.


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