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Previous Work
October 2005 through September 2012

These resources were published under a previous TXCC funding; therefore, information contained therein may have changed and is not updated.

TEA Resources

NCLB Management Institute

TEA provides the NCLB Management Institute for the benefit of LEAs, ESCs, and charter schools with programs administered under NCLB. The purpose of the institute is to increase awareness of NCLB program requirements for grant administration, funding, monitoring, and compliance.

NCLB Podcasts

NCLB Podcasts - Beginning January 7, 2008, as part of this work, TXCC will provide podcasts of the state-level NCLB information provided weekly in the NCLB Update e-mail. These updates are produced by the Division of NCLB Program Coordination, and this new format will provide access to that information for those who have vision impairments. New podcasts will be added each week as the NCLB Update is produced by TEA.

Stepping Stones: A Texas Migrant Early Childhood
Program for 3- and 4-Year-Olds

Stepping Stones - Building Bridges is being revised! Educators from across the state have participated in the creation of new lessons and units for migrant children and their families! ¡El programa Building Bridges se está modificando! Maestros de todo el estado participaron en el desarrollo de lecciones y unidades nuevas para los niños y sus familias migrantes!

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