How to Use This Guide

This guide provides background information about what it means to work systemically and describes SEDL's Working Systemically approach. The book is organized according to the five phases of the approach. Each phase contains a number of steps that are further divided into sub-steps. A tab system aligns each phase with its respective appendixes to assist the reader in distinguishing the different sections of the guide. Listed below are elements of the guide that are designed to ease navigation and provide helpful information for the reader.

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Stop and Check

Each step ends with a Stop and Check box containing a checklist of key actions that need to be completed before carrying out the next step.


References and Additional Resources

Guiding implementation of the Working Systemically approach requires the skills of an experienced facilitator, as well as knowledge of a range of subjects related to use of data, group facilitation, collaborative planning, and leadership. Useful information and helpful tips can be found in the references and resources identified after the last step of each phase.


Tools and Handouts

The appendix sections contain items that are referenced in the text for each phase. These tools and materials are included to aid facilitators as they carry out the work. Each item that was introduced in Phase I is contained in the "A" section of the appendix; those introduced in Phase II are in the "B" section; Phase III, the "C" section; Phase IV, the "D" section; and Phase V, the "E" section. Some items are mentioned in later phases, in addition to their introductory phase, but they appear only in the first location of the appendix.

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