SEDL Areas of Expertise

School Transformation

School Turnaround

Turning around chronically low-performing schools requires fast action and strong direction from leaders. Our turnaround specialists assist school and district leaders in developing turnaround plans, establishing expectations and goals, and measuring progress. Learn more

School Improvement

We believe school improvement requires addressing the entire system. We help educators identify needs, develop and implement plans to address them, and assess the results. The goal is to achieve gains in teaching and learning that are significant and sustainable. Learn more

Managing Implementation

School improvement initiatives often involve extensive change. We offer services, tools, and resources to help educators manage the implementation of new initiatives, create conditions for successful change, address staff concerns, and measure progress. Learn more


Great leaders produce great schools. We work with education leaders at all levels to build their capacity to plan and support improvement, communicate goals and expectations, build staff capacity, motivate others to action, allocate resources, and track results. Learn more

Improving Teaching and Learning

Reading and Literacy

Strong reading and literacy skills are critical to success in life. We assist educators in strengthening literacy at all levels, from providing guidance on statewide literacy programs to engaging parents in helping their children learn to read. Learn more

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

We work with educators to improve the quality of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to help ensure students graduate ready for college or a career. Our expertise in this area includes building content knowledge and standards alignment. Learn more

STEM Learning

A foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is essential to prepare students to compete in the 21st century economy. SEDL provides resources and services to guide educators in improving STEM education and learning. Learn more


SEDL works with educators at all levels to improve teaching and learning in math. This work includes deepening teachers’ content knowledge and assisting them in developing inquiry-based instruction that integrates math with other subjects. Learn more

Response to Intervention

Education is not “one size fits all.” To address the diverse needs of struggling students, SEDL assists educators in implementing RtI, a framework that uses data, tiered interventions, and evidence-based strategies to improve student learning and behavior. Learn more

Early Childhood

The early years shape a child’s development and future academic success. SEDL’s expertise in this area focuses on school readiness, prereading skills, prekindergarten programs, and family involvement in early childhood education. Learn more

Family and Community

Families and communities play an integral role in children’s school success. We work with partners at all levels to help educators engage families and communities in ways that directly support schools and student learning. Learn more

Out-of-School Learning

Afterschool and other learning programs that occur outside of the traditional K–12 school day can enhance students’ academic success. SEDL strives to raise the quality of out-of-school learning through research, products, training, and assistance. Learn more

Research and Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Educators need to know if their policies, practices, and programs are working and under what conditions. SEDL conducts a variety of customized evaluations to collect, analyze, and interpret data for clients about their policies, practices, and programs. Learn more

Education Research

Research builds evidence about what works. SEDL conducts rigorous research studies to advance education knowledge, enable educators and policymakers to make informed decisions, and solve significant problems in education. Learn more

Knowledge Translation

For research to benefit society, the knowledge must be interpreted and applied. Knowledge translation refers to strategies that move research into practice by improving the relevance, reporting, accessibility, interpretation, and application of research results. Learn more

Technical Support

SEDL provides a continuum of services to develop the capacity of educators to evaluate school improvement efforts, including using evaluation designs, methods, and analyses to help plan and implement programs, policies, and practices. Learn more

Disability Research

In 2013, an 12.6 percent of Americans had a disability. SEDL works to improve the quality, relevance, and use of disability and rehabilitation research and services to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Learn more

Special Populations


SEDL conducts research and dissemination activities to improve services and quality of life for the increasing number of Americans with autism spectrum disorders. For instance, we are working to improve vocational rehabilitation and transitional services. Learn more

English Language Learners

The number of English language learners (ELLs) in U.S. public schools is rising dramatically. SEDL has been a leader in this area since our founding in 1966. We offer a variety of products and services to strengthen support for ELLs, including migrant students. Learn more

Adults with Disabilities

Access to high-quality research evidence has the potential to positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. SEDL conducts rigorous research with the goal of improving disability-oriented programs, services, and policies. Learn more

Special Education

SEDL provides technical assistance and resources to build the capacity of state and local educators in implementing approaches proven to enhance the academic achievement of students with disabilities in the areas of reading and mathematics. Learn more