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Title:The effects of parent involvement on student achievement
Author:Luchuck, V. L.
Resource Type:Dissertation / Thesis
Unpublished Master's Thesis, Salem-Teikyo University

46 pages
ERIC #:ED424926 (click to view this publication's record on the ERIC Web site)
Literature type:Research and Evaluation

The purpose of this study is to explore the correlation between parent involvement and student achievement. Results concluded that parent involvement positively affects student achievement. This quantitative, co-relational longitudinal study was conducted at a Title 1 elementary school in West Virginia for three consecutive years. The randomly-selected research group consisted of one of each second, third, fourth, and fifth grade classes. Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) 9 data were evaluated from students in each of those classes for the previous and current year. From the 85 subjects, 40 were randomly selected for the sample based on their enrollment at the school for the two years included in the study, had valid Stanford Aptitude Test (SAT) 9 results for both years, and their parents had returned a completed Likert scale about their involvement. TeachersÕ and studentsÕ knowledge of effective parent involvement including evaluation builds stronger parent involvement programs. Although researchers caution that the study does not control for differences in degrees of parent involvement and its effect on student achievement, this study encourages greater involvement through parent training and seminars and inclusion of parents in local decision making.

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