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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: Long Ago
-Appendix A - Dinosaur
-Thumbprint Dinosaurs
Lesson 2: Extinction
Lesson 3: Fossils
Lesson 4: Types of Dinosaurs
Lesson 5: Meat and Plant Eaters
Lesson 6: The Dinosaur's Life Cycle
Lesson 7: Nature and Change
Spanish Language Translations

Dinosaurs - Lesson 1: Long Ago
ACTIVITY: Thumbprint Dinosaurs

Students imagine and make dinosaur shapes and color them.


  • One package of uncooked rice
  • Blue, purple and yellow food coloring
  • Heavy cardboard
  • Three containers with lids, for rice
  • One sheet of construction paper per student


  1. Make blue, purple and yellow-colored rice with food coloring: Put rice into three separate containers; put several drops of each of the different food colors into separate containers; mix the contents in each container separately to get the desired color.
  2. Use heavy cardboard to make the dinosaur templates. Use any one of the dinosaur patterns in Appendix A - Dinosaur to make a template.
  3. Make the dinosaurs thumbprints:
    • Lay the template on construction paper
    • Brush glue on the construction paper, inside the template
    • Choose colored rice for dinosaur's color
    • Pour rice within the template and let dry
    • Pour excess rice back into the appropriate rice container.
  4. Students design different-colored patterns to give texture and color to the dinosaurs.

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