Social Bookmarks

SEDL has added a bookmarking tool to the SEDL site that allows you to quickly add a bookmark for any SEDL resource using an online service commonly referred to as "Social Bookmarking." The bookmarking toolbar looks like the image below.

If you register with one or more of the social bookmarking sites, you can use this tool to quickly bookmark the page using that site's tools.

How can Social Bookmarks benefit me?

The following video was produced by a company called "CommonCraft" to explain
how social bookmarks can help you:

  • search your bookmarks by keyword,
  • access your bookmarks from any computer,
  • see what sites others have tagged with subject terms that interest you, and
  • share your bookmarks with your peers (or keep some bookmarks private — it's your choice).

The video demonstrates the use of the Social Bookmarking site "," but the process is similar for all social bookmarking sites.

More about Social Bookmarks

Wikipedia has a good article on Social Bookmarking.