Working Systemically Online Survey

Authors: D'Ette Cowan, Stacey Joyner, Shirley Beckwith, Brian Litke (programmer)

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• Published: 2009   

Available online: Online Survey

Gather Data to Inform Your School Improvement Efforts
SEDL's Working Systemically approach is a process for school improvement—and, ultimately, increased student achievement. To assist with collecting data to help inform school improvement efforts, SEDL offers free access to the Working Systemically online survey.  The survey coordinator site allows you to be self-sufficient, and you will not need assistance to customize the survey or read the data reports, which are automatically generated and available for viewing as soon as your participants finish the survey.

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Accessing and customizing the Working Systemically Survey

Reading the Working Systemically Reports

About the Survey

The survey is a data collection instrument that allows the survey coordinator to set up and deploy a 34-question online survey to gather data from teachers, administrators, and other school stakeholders regarding the principles of working systemically (e.g. use of data, communicating priorities, access to materials, professional development, etc.). The results are automatically tallied and graphed for the survey coordinator, and the data can be reviewed either for the entire group of participants of by subgroups that are customized by the survey coordinator.